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Rock Sawing Sydney

Rock Sawing Sydney

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable rock sawing Sydney contractor, Demolition Men is the company to contact. We are the excavation and demolition experts that provide excellent rock sawing services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our advanced rock cutting &rock sawing equipment gives us the ability to handle even the toughest jobs expertly. We handle projects for customers across Sydney, offering on-site surveys and quotes.

Rock Sawing Sydney

Rock sawing is a specialized job that needs the right equipment and experienced operators. Our rock cutting machinery is serviced well and regularly maintained, ready for any project. In most cases, our Sydney rock sawing services are integrated with excavation, demolition, and site prep solutions. And many individuals, contractors, builders, developers, and architects hire our cost-effective high-quality rock cutting Sydney services. At Demolition Men, we rise up to every challenge.

Our knowledge and experience mean we can complete projects that other Rock Sawing Sydney contractors often can’t. There is never any compromise on safety and quality and we work very closely with you, ensuring your project is a complete success. We can handle commercial, industrial and civil rock sawing projects of any size and complexity. Our team of rock sawing professionals is committed to safety, and they adhere to the existing Safe Work Practices.

Rock cutting and rock sawing is a vital aspect of many residential, commercial and industrial project and we are here to help. We aim for outstanding customer service every step of the way, and you can rest assured that the job will be completed to your specific requirements.

The Rock sawing Sydney process

In this job, our experts first survey the area that needs sawing. Markings will be made in the ground, ensuring that no other features and installations are obstructing the area. The team will make precise and efficient cuts in concrete and rocks at sites where excavation works are to commence. These saws create safe smooth cuts in the ground with minimal vibration or noise. These characteristics make our equipment perfect for projects that are being carried out in sensitive/heritage areas. Rock sawing contractor services are used in applications such as:

• Demolition
• Excavations
• Landscaping
• Forestry
• Trenching
• Tight-access excavation

Rock sawing equipment used in the work

We use a wide variety of rock saw attachments that fit into our heavy-duty excavators. There are saws of different cut-widths and diameters to suit your specific needs e.g. – construction projects, pressure sewer, subsoil drainage and more. The different types of saws we use include:

• Center saws- For detailed excavation, pad footings, trenching etc.
• Diamond saws- These are used in place of conical saws when the materials to be sawn become tougher.
• Boundary /offset saws- These are used specifically for cutting outside the machine’s width. The offset extension of these saws enables vibration free, precise boundary cuts on sides of trenches or a vertical wall.
• Trench saws-These are specifically for cutting both sides of trenches. They can cut as deep or high as the excavator boom reaches. In comparison to hydraulic hammers, this equipment has proved to eliminate large volumes of waste, saving significant amounts of back-fill/concrete. This is because there is very less frac-out leaving your walls vertical and smooth.

Cost-effective Rock Sawing Sydney contractors

As you can see, we are the Sydney Rock sawing company that uses advanced and modern equipment in our work. We can safely and reliably drill core holes, cut brick, granite, bluestone, concrete slabs and asphalt at very affordable prices. Our concrete cutters & road saws range from LPG to petrol-driven. The dust-free process ensures peace of mind and also leaves behind a safe and healthy environment.

If you’re a builder, developer, construction sub-contractor, business proprietor or homeowner that needs expert rock drilling and sewing is done for a range of applications, we are the experts to contact. Our services are reliable, scalable and cost-effective. We provide upfront quotes and maintain very competitive pricing, providing you value for money. For any more information about our services call the No 1 Rock Sawing Sydney specialist Demolition Men, at 0455 118 118. You can also contact us your project details and quote requests via this Online Form.

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