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Asbestos Removal Sydney

Asbestos Removal Sydney

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable Asbestos Removal Sydney contractor, Demolition Men is the company to contact. We are proud to be recognized as a front-running company in this space, providing safe and cost-effective asbestos removal solutions to residential, commercial, industrial and civil customers. We have always taken a highly professional view of this logistically challenging&legally complex market.

Why is asbestos removal Sydney required?

Asbestos is a set of six different silicate minerals that naturally occur in nature; they have thin and long fibrous crystals. These were widely used in construction works at one point in time and many older structures still have asbestos features in them. But inhaling asbestos fibers can be hazardous to the health, causing problems such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural plaques disease, and lung cancer.

We understand the risks involved in the work and follow all the existing rules and regulations related to asbestos removal Sydney. Our team will offer you a tailored solution and personalized service, ensuring we meet the specific requirements of your project including completing the job within limited timeframes. This approach towards commercial and residential asbestos removal helps us provide comprehensive, integrated solutions such as- thorough surveying and risk assessment, repairs, removal, reinstatement, testing & disposal.

Professional asbestos removal services

Demolition Men can deliver appropriately resourced Sydney asbestos removal contractor services with fully-qualified and licensed personnel. Every project regardless of its scale will be completed to the highest technical standards using the latest and most advanced equipment. We can handle even large-scale projects with care, speed, and attention to health and safety rules and quality control requirements. We have the expertise and deep knowledge to safely manage all of your asbestos removal requirements such as:

• Bonded asbestos/restricted asbestos
• Limpet/ friable/unrestricted asbestos
• Asbestos fencing
• Asbestos vinyl tiles
• Soil decontamination and remediation
• Cleaning & decontamination
• Excavation of asbestos-contaminated soils
• Reinstatement works
• Asbestos waste management
• Air pressure contamination control and air monitoring
• Encapsulation
• Penetration work

Residential Asbestos Removal Sydney

We can safely and efficiently remove asbestos from your residential property including:

• Residential walls, eaves& other structures
• Residential roofs
• Asbestos vinyl tiles
• Soil
• Fences
• Garden sheds
• Garages

For our residential clients, the financial & environmental risks associated with Sydney asbestos removal have never required more sensitivity, expertise or commitment. Asbestos fibers can become airborne if the feature is disturbed, and its best to leave it alone. If any asbestos features on your property have become damaged, or if you are planning a renovation project, give us a call. We will provide prompt and safe services

Commercial asbestos removal

We are a leading commercial Sydney asbestos removal contractor, covering all essential aspects of building inspections, asbestos removal & responsible asbestos disposal. The primary areas of focus include:

• Initial building/structure survey
• Acoustic insulation
• Thermal insulation
• Encapsulation
• Ventilation and ductwork cleaning
• Air pressure contamination control and air monitoring
• Cleaning & decontamination

It is the duty of commercial property owners to identify if there is any Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) on their premises before commencing building maintenance, renovationor demolition works. If you have any doubt that asbestos materials are present, call us for expert commercial asbestos removal in Sydney without delay.

Industrial asbestos removal

There is a legal duty of managers and owners of industrial premises to undertake professional and appropriate asbestos inspections to identify if there is any asbestos-containing material within their building structures. We offer customised industrial asbestos removal Sydney solutions and can handle projects of any scale. If you are commencing any construction, renovation or demolition work on your premises and are aware or suspect the presence of asbestos, call us today. As part of these services, we will:

• Assess whether your premises contains asbestos
• Assess the risks
• Take appropriate action to remove the features
• Manage the risks from asbestos

Calling industrial asbestos removal experts like us is the best way to mitigate the risk of this hazardous material. Each year, over 1.3M employees are exposed to asbestos in the industrial and commercial settings. The heaviest exposures are from removal of asbestos in the course of demolition or renovation. Do not expose your employees to these risks-call us with your requirements today.

For any more information about our services call the No 1 Asbestos Removal Sydney specialist Demolition Men, at 0455 118 118. You can also contact us your project details and quote requests via this Online Form.We assure you of the best services, upfront quotes, andthe most competitive pricing.

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