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Sydney Demolition Specialist

A successful demolition requires the right type of equipment in the hands of a certified, trained and experienced Team.

Sydney demolition specialist team

The Demolition Men team can provide a wide range of services to ensure timely completion of your project. We provide excellent, dedicated and detail-oriented services that fit perfectly within your budget. As a company that has been operating in this space for a number of years, we have what it takes to provide tailored services to our clients.

Sydney Demolition Specialist

Working on everything from large-scale commercial demolitions to residential structure demolitions, our company has the equipment and expertise to get the job done right the first time around. We handle various aspects of excavation, construction, demolitions and more. Whether your requirement is for a long-term contract job with multiple services or a small, one-time excavation job, our team will handle it with the same levels of dedication and attention to detail. All projects are carried out in compliance with the existing rules and regulations.

Time-proven project management techniques ensure the works are completed methodically, without any glitches. As a technologically driven company, we invest smartly in the latest state-of-the-art equipment which helps ensure higher efficiency, productivity, and safety levels. While our focus is always on delivering cost-effective solutions, we never cut corners in our work, slacken our pace or compromise on any aspect of the job.

We have worked consistently and steadily; built a formidable reputation in this industry and have grown to become one of the most sought-after companies in the field. But we don’t rest on our laurels; instead, we continue working hard and evolve with every passing day, ensuring our clients get value for money every time they hire us.

As a multi-service Sydney demolition specialist contractor, we offer the expertise required for many different types of projects. Our team can carry out construction excavations and demolitions for new build projects. In addition, they can complete various related works such as rock excavation, asbestos removal, pools and driveways for commercial and residential settings and more. Here is a detailed look at the services we offer:

We have a very wide customer base in Sydney and the surrounding areas and our teams handle scores of commercial and residential projects, ranging from excavations for new constructions, demolitions of older structures, large-scale site excavations and asbestos removal of every scale. In short, we are a multi-service contractor that offers an efficient combination of excavation and demolition contractor services in Sydney.

Our Services


We provide custom residential and commercial Sydney demolition services. Our company has the skills, experience, and resources required to carry out all types of large-scale, heavy-duty demolition projects such as slab excavation etc.


We offer difficult sites, terrain, underground and rock excavations services and also handle earth moving and excavations for new home builds, new developments, and more. As a full-service Sydney excavation and demolition company.

Earth Moving

We are a renowned Sydney earth moving contractor that caters to a range of clientele such as individual homeowners, builders, developers and commercial clients. We have the skills and equipment to prepare the site for construction.

Asbestos Removal

Our company specializes in custom commercial and residential asbestos removals across a wide variety of projects. Our core strength lies is in our capacity to provide comprehensive services that reduce project risk and the need to hire multiple providers.

Strip Outs

Strip-outs are a very common service requirement in Sydney. With the boom in new construction, redevelopment, redesign and remodeling projects, strip-outs have now become a necessary service for residential, commercial and warehouse settings.

Rock Sawing

We use mechanical saws to minimize the amount of vibrations and noise that occur during the process. This equipment adds to the efficiency and safety of the project, without causing excessive disturbance to the neighboring properties and the environment.

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We have a strong and reliable reputation for delivering top quality services within your desired time frame and all for Affordable Prices. Conditions apply.


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For or any more information about our residential and commercial demolition and excavation services, feel free to call Demolition Men, the No 1 Sydney demolition specialist at 0455 118 118. You can also contact us your project details and quote requests via this Online Form. We assure you of the best services at the most competitive pricing.

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